Nicola Johnson

Nicola Johnson: 23 November 1985 - 9 May 2012 (Aged 26)

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The real essence of Nicola is in the following which she would say "Do not call me inspirational, it makes my p*ss burn".... but she was. Nic touched the lives of so many people whilst she was here, with her warmth, her strength, her personality most of all her sense of humour. People loved her because she loved people, she had the ability to see straight to the heart of someone, their dark bits, the stupid ego bits that we try to disguise and still she loved.

She should not be and will not be forgotten.

This appeal is about making sure she is not forgotten and all those others out there still fighting the fight that Nic finally lost are given the love she got and gave by making their time here easier. She was full of admiration for the work that is done on Pearce Ward at Wythenshawe Hospital and would want her name to be linked with them.

Please help us to keep her name alive and help others with CF who are as brave and special as our Nic.

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More About Nicola

Nicola and her Sister Emma

Nicola and her Sister Emma

Nicola as a Kitty Cat

Nicola as a Kitty Cat

In Clinic with her Oxygen

In Clinic with her Oxygen

Nicola was diagnosed with a condition called Cystic Fibrosis (65 red roses) just after the death of her Aunty Kathryn, who died in her early 20s with the same condition. The family were devastated because they knew more than most what this means. It means having to turn your baby upside down to bang on their backs to loosen mucus that clogs up and scars their lungs, it means holding them down to fit a nasal drip to make sure their body get some nutrition that their malfunctioning pancreas seems to want to deny them, it means trying to fit an intravenous drip in to veins that keep collapsing under the strain because yet another awful bug as found a warm welcoming resting place in their clogged up lungs.

Most CF children look not only healthy but blessed with an amazing beauty, which means, they get very little sympathy for the fight that they and their family face every day against this disease. It is a fight that they are more than likely going to lose before they reach adulthood.

Nicola's life was difficult but it was worth it and you can make it more so by making sure it was not all for nothing. She did not want to die; she was in fact full of life, so lets make sure she has a legacy that lives on.

In the last months of her life she began a blog, you can read it at the link below.

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